Sep 2019
Mehmet Ali Silgu attended the EWGT2019 Conference in Barcelona

The 22nd EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting (EWGT2019) was held on 18-20 September 2019 in Barcelona, Spain at the UPC - Barcelona Tech. Within the program of the EWGT2019, our lab member Mehmet Ali Silgu has presented two papers. He presented the paper, titled "An Adaptive Signal Control Approach to Enhance Effective Green Times for Pedestrians: A Case Study", he co-authored, in which the performance of the adaptive SCOOT method for a complex intersection bounding a pedestrianized area is investigated over a case study. Mehmet Ali has presented another paper, tiled "Network-Wide Emission Effects of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control with Signal Control at Intersections" that summarizes the findings from a study in which the effects of coopreatively controlled vehicles at networks with signalized intersections are analyzed.