Jun 2021
Hazal Akova participated the MT-ITS2021

The 7th International IEEE Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS2021) to be held on 16-17 June 2021 at Crete, Greece is realized as a virtual event. Within the program of the MT-ITS2021, our lab member Hazal Akova presented the paper, titled "Effects of energy consumption on cost optimal recharging station locations for e-scooters", she co-authored, in which Recharging Station Locating Problem with Energy Consumption is presented where vehicle motion dynamics based energy consumption model is incorporated with a location model, in order to determine the remaining battery load considering the 3-Dimensional road geometry, as well as e-scooter and road surface characteristics. Results of the real case study reveal that, with distance-based energy consumption, recharging station requirement may be under or overestimated according to the energy consumption rate considered.